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  • Mission Appeal - July 22 & 23

    Catholic Diocese of Aitape, Papua New Guinea.
    Evangelization started in Aitape in 1896 by SVD missionaries. They were followed by the zealous OFM missionaries. Currently we have mostly native priests, a few missionaries, religious and lay pastoral workers. Bishop Siby Mathew Peedikayil HGN is from India. Although many challenges and struggles to live their daily life the ordinary Catholic in Aitape diocese is a peaceful, smiling person, just getting on with life. The diocese has more than 160,000 Catholics (75% of the population). They love the Church and perform wonderful liturgies with song and dance in beautiful costumes accompanied by drums.
    The diocese has 32 parishes distributed in 3 deaneries. Evangelization work is carried out by priests (19), religious and laity, in a spirit of shared responsibility, under the leadership of the Diocesan Team of Pastoral Animation. Logistical and economic problems, lack of personnel, long distances and difficult communication routes deprive the faithful of a regular sacramental life. The diocese has a Pastoral Center for training catechists and lay ministers, as well as for continuing formation of the faithful. The diocese runs health facilities, schools, vocational centres, a centre for the disabled and a school that gives second chances. We have a lot of opportunities for evangelization and care of our people. But the diocese is short of money for all fields of pastoral works.
    Aitape has few resources and infrastructure. Our parishes are poor, many of them are in the mountains, and they have dilapidated facilities. It is really urgent to renovate most of the existing facilities in the diocese. For the immediate need it is important to bring more missionaries. Many young men are willing to discern their vocation to diocesan priesthood. Many lay women and men are willing to be trained as lay ministers. Investing in the formation of local seminarians and laity are priorities.
    We would like to invite you to be part of our evangelization initiatives. May God bless you abundantly and reward you richly for your generosity and love.

                                                                           Yours in Jesus Christ,
    Most Rev. Siby Mathew Peedikayil HGN
    Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Aitape,
    Papua New Guinea.